Frug Survival Gear

Inside every Frug Survival Gear kit is- 2 split shot weights, 2 fish hooks, 1 swivel easy connector, 25' fishing line, 2 waterproof matches with striker,2- 4"zip ties,2 safety pins,a paper clip, first aid tinder, cotton tinder ball, wrapped in a 4"x3" piece of paper then wrapped inside a water proof balloon(note air left inside so they will help float if dropped in water). All buckles have fire steel(ferro rod), striker blade/ knife, compass and 120 Decibel emergency pea-less whistle. The ends of buckle where para-cord ends are covered with Ranger bands (these double as 30 sec Fire accelerators). The waterproof first aid tinder is under the Ranger Band. Apx 80' of antibacterial cordage depending on wrist size.

the profit from every unit sold is donated to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Moncton

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Moncton

My wife Stacy and I are a Big Couple to an amazing young boy through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Moncton. We help support their efforts by donating the profit from each unit sold to help facilitate other matches like ours. We Greatly appreciate any help to support this amazing program.If you have questions about becoming a Big to a little please let me know.

The Frug Survival Lanyard $30/ea

The Frug Survival Lanyard came to be because I wanted to have a lanyard on my Tracker knife and my key chain and what better place to have survival gear.I contacted the regular place I got my compact survival gear from, they did not make anything like that. So I made my own. During the process I developed a tool to help insert all the gear into a waterproof Balloon, I leave a bit of air inside so if dropped in water it would help float and be recovered.Custom orders avail.

The Frug Survival Bracelet or Lanyards $30/ea

The Frug survival Bracelet, it took awhile to get the Frug survival kit to conform to the curvature of the bracelet, but many prototypes later(37 to be honest) it came to be. I tried multiple versions of weaves, patterns and finally found the most reliable patterns with the best consistency. Custom orders avail.

Bow wrist slings $30/ea Frug Survival Gear Bow wrist slings, frug survival kit inside each color is Cheetah.

The Frug survival Bow wrist sling came to be out of my personal need as an archer, to be prepared when out in the wilderness. It has the essentials, start fires with the 2 waterproof matches and striker, 4"x3" piece of paper and cotton ball, catch fish with the 25' of line,2 hooks and 2 split shots and quick connect swivel. make a sling with the 2 safety pins and paperclip. And 2 zip ties for multi purposes, the 19' of para-cord has 7 inner strands so that gives you up to 152' feet of useful cordage. Custom orders avail please contact Bob at

The most simple and convenient way to keep your survival/ emergency gear with you at all times. Hang a lanyard of a backpack, on your key ring or on your fishing/hunting vest. wear a bracelet and you are covered for any instance.

Bright colors
Bow wrist slings with Frug survival kit inside.
Various colors-- Frug Survival kit inside
Frug Survival Gear survival/emergency kit inside every Frug product
colors 1
colors 2
New color called infiltrate.
some new colors Infiltrate(far left) passion purple(center) and General lee (right)
Frug survival kit inside every item.
Colors 3
Frug Survival Gear Triple Antibiotic Tinder, treat a wound or start a fire.
Grey Diamonds/ Army camo on left and Grey diamonds/grey on right.
General Lee color
left to right-blk/blk white camo, spy/ army camo, white diamond/grey, spy/blk
The Thin Red and Blue line for our emergency services and police.
blk/white camo and spy with black.
red/ white diamonds(left) pink camo (center) spy (right)
the frug kit and 6 tire patches and 6' tie wire (only 5 kits avail)
help support Big Brothers Big Sisters of moncton $5 from each sale is donated
What's inside all Frug Survival Gear
Infiltrate, Spy, woodland acu camo
Blue Combinations
Created by Bob Vautour