Bunker(the inspiration for my logo) & Beatrice

My Name is Bob Vautour, Frug survival Gear came to be to fill the need of wearable emergency survival gear I could have on me at all times. Whether hiking, hunting/ fishing or just being out in the outdoors, I wanted to be prepared. I found a few items online but were much more expensive and did not have the items I wanted/needed in them, so I taught myself to weave para-cord in different styles to accommodate my Frug Survival kit. My Wife Stacy and I are a Big Couple with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Moncton and donate the profits of every sale to them to help facilitate matches.

These are our Dogs(furkids) Bunker and Beatrice. My logo is Bunkers face. Bunker is a Frug(French Bulldog/ Pug) and Beatrice is an English Boston Bulldog(English Bulldog/ Boston   Terrier). 

Frug Survival Gear Now at The Moncton Market every second saturday

Find us at the Moncton market every second sat starting July 1st. I also have a Facebook page were you can see the Frug Survival Gear  https://www.facebook.com/frugsurvivalgear/

You can now find Frug Survival Gear at the Moncton Market every second Saturday. here is the youtube link of what's inside. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tsrZ0Lg4d2w

help support Big Brothers Big Sisters of Moncton $5 from each sale is donated

My wife Stacy and I are a Big Couple to an amazing young boy, and we donate $5 of every sale to Big Brothers Big sisters of Moncton so they can facilitate matches like ours. Thank you for the support.

Created by Bob Vautour